logo-caeWorkshop Training Agenda


General Retirement Planning

  • Tips for being better prepared for a smooth transition into retirement
  • Checking beneficiaries on all federal benefit programs
  • Understanding what you have and what you need to know about decisions to make at retirement


Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS)

  • Eligibility requirements and how to choose the best retirement date
  • Deposits, Redeposits & Military Deposits
  • Special Considerations for Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers and Firefighters
  • Calculating the CSRS & FERS annuity
  • Application of unused sick leave and annual leave at retirement
  • Voluntary Contribution Plan
  • Cost of Living Adjustments in retirement


Social Security

  • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)
  • Government Pension Offset (GPO)


Federal Employees Health Benefits

  • Tax advantage of FEHB while working
  • Eligibility requirements to keep FEHB in retirement
  • Considerations for federal couples
  • Coordination between FEHB and Medicare Part B


Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

  • What services Long Term Care insurance covers
  • Various ways to pay for LTC services
  • Coverage and costs for services
  • Eligibility requirements to obtain coverage
  • Options available through FLTCIP

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Survivor Benefit Plan

  • Coverage and cost, and who can benefit from SBP
  • Considerations for electing SBP at retirement
  • Important connection with FEHB


FERS Special Retirement Supplement

  • Eligibility requirements and calculation of the benefit
  • What happens if you work after retiring


Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

  • Coverage and costs while employed
  • How FEGLI changes and options available at retirement


Taxes on Federal Pensions

  • Federal and state tax implications


Thrift Savings Plan

  • Fund choices, tax advantages and options within the TSP while working
  • How to maximize government contributions
  • Complementing the TSP with outside assets
  • Identifying your risk tolerance for investing
  • Options available at retirement



  • Tips to be proactive and understand the financial impact of the decisions to be made at retirement


Understand the Financial Impact of Retirement Decisions


About the workshop

We have developed a very unique CSRS and FERS benefits workshop that is focused on helping employees apply what they are learning in the classroom to their own situation. Instead of teaching at a very technical level regarding the benefit rules, we aim to educate employees to know the financial impact of retirement and benefit decisions, and to make those decisions carefully based on sound information.

While federal benefits are often confusing and difficult to interpret, ProFeds is able to break down complex concepts into easy‐to‐understand language to show employees how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect their overall financial situation.


What federal employees are saying

This workshop has consistently received 5‐star reviews by federal agencies around the country. While the agencies are pleased to host such an impactful training session, the employees leave feeling confident and empowered to take action to positively affect their plans for retirement—truly a win‐win.


Ideal candidates

The employees who typically benefit most from this workshop are within 5‐10 years of retirement. Those closer to retirement often have specific questions and concerns regarding retirement decisions to be made—and that makes this workshop particularly relevant to their situation.


Tailoring the workshop to meet the needs of employees

With the wide array of federal employees we train, we know the importance of tailoring the workshop material to suit their specific needs. The most common accommodations we make are for audiences of Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers and Firefighters.


Following the workshop

The financial professional who hosts the workshop offers each employee an opportunity to meet to review their specific situation and develop a personalized Federal Benefits Analysis together. This analysis helps to demonstrate the value of their benefits and identify key decisions to be made as they move closer to retirement. This benefits review is offered at no cost to the agency or employee.


ProFeds relationship with financial professionals

ProFeds is a nationwide support structure for financial professionals serving federal employees. The ProFeds team provides tailored training to financial professionals on the unique complexities of federal benefits to help them provide credible, top‐notch financial planning services to their federal clients.

ProFeds is proud to be a federal contractor and make this workshop available free‐of‐charge to federal agencies exclusively through financial professionals in the nationwide ProFeds network.