“Simple, Safe and Secure” … let The WorryFree Retirement® help you sleep better at night knowing your finances are safe and secure.

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WorryFree Advisors

It is not easy to become a trusted advisor of the WorryFree Retirement® Network. Advisors first undergo an arduous screening and interview process to be considered as a candidate. Once approved, the WorryFree Advisor then participates in coaching sessions, group and one-on-one training, and continuous demonstration of his/her understanding and implementation of the WorryFree 5-step process. The WorryFree Advisor must continue his/her learning in an ongoing commitment to the high standards that are required to remain an advisor in the network.

You can rest easy that a WorryFree Advisor holds your best interest and trust as the foundation of your relationship.

WorryFree Retirement® Network

The WorryFree Retirement® Network unites passionate financial advisors, a top-flight marketing organization and one of the most respected and seasoned annuity advisors in the country and founder of the network, 30-year veteran Tony Walker.

The WorryFree Retirement® Network begins with the unique concept of determining the client’s ‘money personality’ (are they a Saver, Investor, or Speculator?) long before any recommendations are made. Based on clients’ own personal vision of what they want their retirement to look like, the WorryFree Advisor will assist the client in making decisions that guarantee that they do not run out of money during retirement. In fact the WorryFree Retirement® Network is the first and only program in the industry dedicated to ‘helping Savers worry less about money’®.

For more information about the founder of the program, please click here.

Who Is A Saver?

When we speak about the 3 Personalities of Money®; particularly Savers, I’m not referring to one’s ability to ‘save’ money. What I’m speaking of is one’s financial personality of protection (saving or conserving) above all else, what has taken so long to create in the first place. In other words, a SAVER personality is someone who is concerned more with the return “of” their money, than on it.

For instance, whereas an INVESTOR or SPECULATOR may be fine with researching (and accepting) the ups-and-downs of the stock market, a SAVER is not. That’s because SAVERS do not like uncertainty of the future. SAVERS want to know that what they have, they’re going to keep. SAVERS like to keep it simple. They like to spend their timing working, playing and doing things that don’t involve constantly monitoring finances. They are not overly analytical, thus, having little or no desire to track the latest investment trends, speculation and other variables that lend themselves more toward the activities of INVESTORS and SPECULATORS.

SAVERS will want to consider investing in financial products and strategies that guarantee principal and provide reasonable growth of that principal. SAVERS will avoid costs that they deem unnecessary: investment fees, bank fees, interest on loans (an Investor or Speculator may be willing to borrow money at one interest rate if they think they can make a higher interest on the borrowed funds), taxes and so forth.

5 Step Process

“Simple, Safe and Secure” … three words that describe this unique “philosophy” and “process” for helping people worry less about their money. It’s called The WorryFree Retirement® Process.

To start your journey to a worry free retirement let’s begin by looking at the 5 steps involved in The WorryFree Retirement® system:

Clarify Your Vision

Before beginning any journey, it’s best to know where you are going and what to expect along the way. Our first step of the process is unique because it’s all about you and “your” vision of retirement.

Together, we will clarify where you want to go. We’ll help identify your personal strengths and opportunities and consider potential dangers and threats to your financial journey. A personalized written outline summarizing your unique vision will be mailed to you for review at no cost or obligation.

Assess Your Situation

A trusted doctor would never give a medical diagnosis without first looking you over. Neither will MoKan Financial! That’s why The WorryFree Retirement® Process includes this second step called “The Assessment.”

At this meeting we will review your personal financial information. We’ll help organize your finances so that potential issues or concerns can be addressed and corrected. A brief written assessment of any findings and recommendations will be provided to you at no cost.

Commit Your Retirement

The WorryFree Retirement® is based on commitment and trust. In order to work together, we must confirm our commitment to the process.

We will never pressure you to buy anything from us, nor will we ever suggest you move forward with our recommendations unless you completely understand them.

Implement Your Gameplan

Reaching any goal requires action. With implementation of your personal Gameplan, you will have a safe, easy to follow path format reaching your retirement goals.

This written Gameplan will be self-contained in a highly organized binder that clearly communicates your hopes and dreams.

Monitor Your Progress

There’s only one guarantee in life: Nothin’ stays the same! Because change is inevitable, we provide one-on-one consultation with you at no cost, whenever you need it. When you’ve got a question, we’ll be here for you.

That’s what trust and commitment are all about.

The WorryFree Retirement® Process anticipates change and values the idea of monitoring your progress along the way. Our time together also gives us a chance to explore new ideas and possibilities as well.

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